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5. Data storage
The user’s data will be stored only for the time necessary to ensure the correct performance of the services offered.
In the event of closure of the Website account on the initiative of the user, the data contained will be stored for administrative purposes for a period not longer than a quarter, except for eventual specific statutory obligations regarding the storage of accounting documents or for purposes of public safety .
In any case, it is hereby understood that personal data will be stored and processed for the purposes under letters (c) (the so-called “marketing” purposes) and (e) (the so-called “profiling” purposes), under art. 2 above, as long as required by law and by the provisions issued by the Data Protection Authority. At the end of this period, WEBSITE OWNER may ask the user to renew the consent to processing of his/her data for such purposes or to provide them anonymously and store them for statistical purposes only.

6. Right of access to personal data
Under art. 7 of the Privacy Code, the user has the right to:
a) receive confirmation of the eventual existence of his/her personal data and their communication in comprehensible form;
b) obtain information about:
- the origin of personal data, the purposes and the procedures of processing, the logic applied in case of processing performed with the support of electronic instruments;
- the identification details of the Data controller;
- the individuals or the categories of individuals to which data can be communicated or which may acquire them as appointed representative on the Italian State territory, of data supervisors or persons in charge of processing;
c) obtain:
- update, amendment or integration of his/her data;
- cancellation, transformation in anonymous form or block of data processed in violation of law, including those for which storage in connection with the scopes for which data have been collected or furtherly processed is necessary;
- a declaration that operations under the aforementioned points have been disclosed, also as far as their content is concerned, to those who have been informed about these data, unless such fulfilment results to be impossible or implies the use of instruments which are clearly out of proportion compared to the guaranteed right;
d) object, in whole or in part:
- for legitimate grounds, to the processing of his/her data, even if applicable to the scope of collection;
- to the processing of his/her personal data, established to the purposes of commercial information or for sending out advertising material or for the direct sale, or to conduct market researches or sending commercial communications.
The aforementioned rights may be exercised upon request to Data Controller, to the contact details indicated under art. 1.
The subject’s right of objection to the processing of personal data for the purposes under art. 2, lett. (c) (the so-called “marketing” purposes) exercised by means of electronic methods (email) also extends to traditional methods (surface mail), without prejudice to the possibility of the subject to exercise such right partially, under art. 7, par. 4, lett. b) of the Privacy Code , that is by objecting, for instance, only to the sending out of advertising communications by electronic means.Cookies
Cookies consent is not a necessary condition to visit the Website. But we wish to inform you that, if you continue browsing the Website, the cookies consent will be intended as accepted, and reported on the specific popup displayed when a user connects with the Website.

What are cookies?
Cookies are small files which are saved into your device and which store settings and specific data to allow the exchange with our system through your browser. There are 2 types of cookies: the so-called session-cookies, which are deleted as soon as you close the browser and temporary/permanent cookies, which are stored in your device for a long period or permanently. This storage allows us to create our websites and our offers according to your needs and facilitate the use of the website. For example, some data are stored to avoid their repetition each time.

Which cookies does WEBSITE OWNER use?
The most part of the cookies we use are deleted when the browser is closed (end of session) automatically by your hard disk (this is why they are called session-cookies). Session-cookies offer you, for instance, the "cart" function even if you are browsing different pages. Moreover, we also use cookies which remain in your hard disk. When you will return to our web page, the system will automatically detect that you have already visited us and it will store data and preferred settings. These temporary cookies or even permanent (duration from 1 month to 10 years) are stored in your hard disk and deleted after a fixed period. These cookies are mainly necessary to make our offer easier, more efficient and safer for users. Thanks to these files for instance it is possible to display information which best fit your interests. The only aim of cookies is to adapt our offer to your needs as a customer and to make your browsing more comfortable.

Which data are stored in cookies?
The cookies used by WEBSITE OWNER do not store personal data. As a consequence, the cookies we use cannot be attributed to a specific person and then they cannot lead to you. When cookies are accepted, an identification code is generated. Your personal data will never be connected to the identification code and there will be no attempt to do that. Your name, your IP address and similar data which may be attributed to you will never be used. Based on the cookies technology, we only receive information as an alias, for example in relation to which pages of our online store are visited the most, which products are viewed the most, etc.

What is OnsiteTargeting?
Based on cookies technology, WEBSITE OWNER website collects data to optimize our business proposals and our range of online products. These data are not used to identify you personally, but they exclusively allow assessing the use of the homepage as an alias. Your data will be never connected with your personal data stored. This technology enables us to submit you promotional offers and/or specific offers and services, whose content is based on the information obtained through the clickstream analysis. Our goal is to make our online offer interesting and to submit you commercial offers which reflect your interests.

Are there also third-party-cookies?
Savait avails itself of advertising partners, which help to make the Internet offer more interesting. Then, when you visit our website, cookies of associated companies will be stored in your hard disk as well. In this case, they are temporary/permanent cookies which will be automatically deleted at the expiration of the predefined period. Such temporary or also permanent cookies (their duration ranges from 14 days to 10 years) are stored in your hard disk and automatically deleted at the expiration of the predefined period. Even cookies of associated companies do not contain personal data. Through a user ID data can be collected only as a pseudonym. For example, we talk about data connected to the products viewed, if you have purchased something, which products you have looked for etc… During this process, some of our advertising partners also get information about which pages you have already visited, or in which products you are interested, in order to show you a promotional offer which fits your interests at best. These data as a pseudonym will never be related with your personal data. They only have the purpose of helping our advertising partners to confront you with promotional offers which may actually be of interest for you.

How can I avoid cookies storage?
In your browser, you can set to accept cookies storage only upon request. If you intend to accept WEBSITE OWNER cookies, and not cookies of our partners, you can select “block third-party cookies”.
Generally, you can view how to reject new cookies and disable already-existing cookies in the menu of your web browser, in the support section. By clicking on the following link you will display detailed information on how to set the your browser.
In case of shared computers, which are set to accept cookies and flash cookies, we suggest you to always disconnect after use.
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